Irony Thy Name Is Dysgraphia.

As a writer, dysgraphia is my enemy, the bane of my existence. At the same time, it is an unescapable part of me. It is a learning disability or brain disorder, depending on who is defining it, that affects handwriting, the ability to organize thoughts in writing  and  construct grammatically coherent sentences.

The way I understand it, the wiring in my brain is just a little off; there is a disconnect between my head and my hands, things get lost in transit or simply gets stuck in my head. Everything works just not always the way it should.

In high school, I started my first novel which I would describe to my friend, Gen, and she would draw pictures of the characters for me.  I don’t believe that I ever let her read any of what I had written.  I was afraid that she would reject me like so many other people had.   It was that fear that keep me from achieving my dream of writing a novel before I turned eighteen. It remains unfinished in a binder by my writing desk.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t correct or even find the majority of mistakes in assignments. English papers would run red with ink as if they had been stabbed over and over again.  The problem continued into college.

One website said that dysgraphia is to writing what dyslexia is to reading. The biggest difference is that dyslexia is commonly recognized and treated while dysgraphia is still  working for acceptance. Even the ESE teacher at the school I work at didn’t know what it is.

Knowing what I do, I am finally able to work with it and write with confidence.

From time to time, you will notice errors in grammar or spelling on this site.  Just let me know and I will do my best to correct them quickly.  Writing is my passion, I could not stop even if I tried.

So, I don’t.


One thought on “Dysgraphia

  1. Hey Lu, I love that you put this out there because there’s probably more people with the same situation. My youngest sister has dyslexia and I think I do to. Ironically enough, I LOVE READING go figure lol. Keep up the good work woman lol


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