Tears and Anger

************************** I can't. I won't go in there. Not with them. Not in there. Not ever again. There is suppose to be people in every child's life that take care of them. A mother and a father. Two separate beings whose love of their child transcends everything. They will cross heaven and earth for their … Continue reading Tears and Anger


Killing Elsa

Elsa was caught in a nightmare. Everywhere she went they knew her. Called her by name, knew her favorite color and foods, and always they tried to hug her. She hated hugs. Hated all of the attention.  College in England was just what she needed. She needed to go some place where her fame would … Continue reading Killing Elsa

Placed (April Page 9)

It wasn't a torrid or trashy scene.  It was really beautiful and tender with ambient light and two lovers laying next to each other. Their bodies blending together as if they were created for one other despite the decade difference between them.  The look on their faces wasn't sinful or awkward, but peaceful and content. … Continue reading Placed (April Page 9)

The Gears of Strange Machine (Ten Cent Tales) – A Review

Book: The Gears of Strange Machine (Ten Cent Tales ~ Vol. 2) Author: Marshall J. Stephens Available: $.99 Kindle Version or $4.99 Paperback on Amazon Ten cents a story, and a penny off if you buy all ten, is a bargain especially for these delightfully twisted and ingenious tales.  Each is unique so much so that my … Continue reading The Gears of Strange Machine (Ten Cent Tales) – A Review