300th Post

What words to write today? What mysteries to explore and unravel as I click and clack at the keyboard? This is 300th post that I have published on this blog.  Many more have been written.  Some of them are just waiting for the right moment, for others their moment passed before I was able to … Continue reading 300th Post

Tired, But Still in the Game.

I am tired. Tired to the bone with all the words that are thrown against me like I'm the wall in a racquetball court and its my job to take it. My life my destiny to take society's beatings and be fine with it. The mental wear and tear of this life is too much at times and I … Continue reading Tired, But Still in the Game.

Getting Back in the Saddle

The past couple of months, I have continued to read with a passion, but haven't produced a book review.  My brain just wasn't in the game.  Not sure where it was, but writing reviews or keeping up with this site wasn't apart of its plans. Then I won two books in a Thanksgiving Contest which I … Continue reading Getting Back in the Saddle

Jobs… And No I am Not A Workaholic…

My students asked me just how many jobs I have held.  I answered honestly.  I have no idea. So for them, myself and you dear readers, here is a list. Retail Clerk at a Fruit Market Child care worker Baker Tarot Card reader Hotel Clerk File Clerk Office Assistant Shelver Student Manager Student Project Manager … Continue reading Jobs… And No I am Not A Workaholic…