I am H: This is Autism

Powerful Words about one of the subjects that I am most passionate about.


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Thirty Days of Autism

H is proud to share this image. I love his PRIDE!
Rail against the stigma!!

H-thisisautism2 Last Monday, Autism Speaks told the world that autism is:

 . . . living in despair . . . fear of the future . . . exhausted, broken parents . . . lost, helpless, burdensome children  . . . a national emergency . . .  along with other equally stigmatizing and ableist messages.

We do NOT concur!

A Quiet Week in the House FB Cover to shareWhen H saw the new cover image that I am proudly wearing on my fb page to support this project, he let out an awesome yell…

He explained to me that he was yelling ‘Sparta Style’:

“This is AUTISM!!”

It boomed across the house!

“This is AUTISM!!”

I love his pride!!


Rail against the stigma!!

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