Add Zombies & Enjoy…..

Pride and Prejudice is the final installment in my Jane Austen commitment.  It was the hardest to finish, but well worth it.  As with all of her novels, there is an ever present quest for both the perfect match for the lovely female protagonist.  True to its’ name, the marriage themes of the novel are … Continue reading Add Zombies & Enjoy…..


Emma, Emma, Emma, What Have You Done?

A Review of Jane Austen's Emma Another novel of love, manners and courtship, but this time the protagonist has options; two to be exact.  She can either find a husband or become a spinster.  The early pages of the novel lead us to believe that Emma has chosen the later option because she does not … Continue reading Emma, Emma, Emma, What Have You Done?

Book Reviews Returning Next Week….

Now that my living room is free of boxes (please notice, I didn't say the whole house), I am getting back into my regular routine.   Next week,  I will be posting my review of Emma by Jane Austen.   It was nearly finished when my brain went on vacation.  Soon after that Pride and Prejudice will … Continue reading Book Reviews Returning Next Week….

The One I Was Supposed To Read…

Confession time. There was one Jane Austen novel that I was supposed to read in high school; Northanger Abbey.  My English teacher suggested that for my senior research paper that I read it and compare it the Mysteries of Udolpho, which I was supposed to read as well.  I did read that one, just didn't … Continue reading The One I Was Supposed To Read…

Sense and Sensibility without Sea Monsters

As my first unabridged, non-zombie version of a  Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility has taken a firm hold of my mind.  It didn't let go last night until around 1:30 in the morning.  My eyes simply gave out, not my desire to read. The tale follows the lives of two sisters after the death of … Continue reading Sense and Sensibility without Sea Monsters