Things My Papa Says

This week at my Mom’s suggestion here are a couple of things that my Papa has said or done.

The weekend we celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday, I ate too many clams and was in terrible pain. It was so bad that my boyfriend at the time went next door to my parents room. Papi went to the only convenience store open in the town to find something to help with the indigestion. The clerk didn’t have anything and suggested he purchase a bottle of vinegar. At three in the morning, he was making me take sips of vinegar and walking me up and down the street. Finally after about an hour, I belched. It turned out I had really bad gas.  I hated vinegar then and still do. Papi loves it and always offers it to me, grinning as he does.

Last Friday Night when I took the kids at my school to grad night, my Papi couldn’t understand why I was taking seniors to the park. He thought I was taking senior citizens to Universal.

A couple of months ago, we brought him a stuff animal that looked Booger, my step-puppy, the disabled veteran and biggest little tough guy around was cuddling it night after night.  One day, we looked in his room and little Booger was turned facing the wall. We asked why and Papa said he had been barking and had to be disciplined.

Recently, Booger has been hanging out in the living room with Snowball, the robotic kitty, we brought him.  Papa said he was lonely in the bedroom.

My Papa isn’t my birth father, but he is the man who I call Daddy and I am his daughter.

My New Hobby – Exhaustion

Last Thursday night, I fell asleep at 7:30 and woke up in time to go to work the next morning.  I did it again last night.

This evening, I feel asleep once again around seven and  woke up three hours ago. My kitty boys gently reminded me that I had other things to do beyond sleeping.

Jack and Nu Mu

My house is a bit cleaner now, litter box and turtle tank included.  The boys are happy, well except for the kitty who is confined to the potty room but that is another story.  There is more work to be done, but then again there is always more work.

Deciding to clean my house wasn’t an attempt at perfection, far from it. It was an attempt to breathe.

Exhaustion is something that with my work current schedule, I can’t avoid.  Between job no. 1 teaching and job no.2 answering phones for a local theme park, I have worked the last eight days straight. I still have five more days before I have a day off. On top of all of this, I agreed several months ago to chaperone the senior trip to Universal’s Grad Night.  It was a blast and I was happy to do it.

I have also written more than five thousand works on my latest project, read about twenty student research papers and designed lessons for four different classes.

Cleaning the house tonight will allow me just a bit more relaxation time this week and provides me with a little more mental clarity. A clean house may not actually be next to godliness, but it is next to sanity.

It was my choice to clean tonight; no one forced or pressured me.

It is a choice that I am proud of; along with my choice to be positive and happy.  Sometimes we forget that those are choices. We wait for the perfect time to do this or that and never let ourselves breathe. Never let ourselves see the man on the street doing the robot dance as he waits for a safe time to cross the street or let out a laugh because we remember doing that in the fourth grade. We are too focused on getting to the store and using our coupons to save another fifty cents. We will drive an extra ten miles do so; never taking into account the gas we are using or the time.

My time is precious.   It is as valuable as my happiness.

Tomorrow afternoon when I walk in the front door my floors will be clean, the living and dining rooms will be free of clutter and the bedroom won’t contain a basket of clothes waiting for my attention. Then I will be able to take part in my latest hobby-exhaustion napping.  If I wake up before the morning alarm goes off, sweet. Otherwise, I will just let my body exercise its own choice to be happy and sleep.