My Promise

every time you see me

you see the most beautiful me

that there is

and the most beautiful me

that there will ever me

and it is a gift

that you give to me

that I wish so much

so very much

to give back to you

in a new ending loop

of what love is suppose to be

And is

And will be


Legs cut smooth

by a razors edge

Preparations for the

potential of one lost kiss


For one lost touch

Gone in a moment

regretted for half a life


Two Faces

Two faces, two loves deep in my heart,

Two beds to find pleasure in, but one a home provides.

The other a dream,

a memory of what could have been,

But never was..

Two faces, two loves, one heart breaking,

Logic and love rarely agree, emotions unsure of themselves,

One offers a life, hard, but honest reality

the other a handshake and

a kiss,