KickStarting Murder

photo_49557_20110712Yesterday evening, I launched my first KickStarter Project to help cover the publishing costs of bring my novella, Blood Child, to life.  It is bit scary since all Kickstarter Projects are all or nothing affairs.   If I don’t make my goal of $850.00 then I won’t receive any of the funds pledged.  So any and all support you can give me whether it is pledging, sharing this blog or my other project related posts.  Spreading the word is essential if the project successful.

Brief Synopsis

Set in Orlando, Florida, Blood Child is the story of a young woman with two infamous ancestors and a young reporter trying to break back into the career he loves. Emily Bath, daughter of the self-styled Count Bath, survived the massacre of her brothers and twenty other souls at her father’s funeral. Count Bath was obsessed with the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, who bathed in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth.  Bathory was a distance relation of Count Dracula.

Everyone wants to know what happened to little Emily and as the tenth anniversary approaches they are hungry for the opportunity.  Ty Clark has just been given that opportunity.

Behind the Creation of Blood Child

Jack - My Creative Assistant
Jack – My Creative Assistant

I’ll be honest. Blood Child was conceived while I was drinking wine on my front porch. I wrote nearly a thousand words that first afternoon.  It soon became clear that I would have to finish it before returning to my novel, “My Dragon Friday”.

Writing isn’t easy for me, but it is my passion and compulsion. I have been telling stories to myself and my friends since I was a child. I have a learning disability called Dysgraphia which is one of the reasons that professional editing is vital for the success of this project.

The other thing that I really wanted to do was make sure that the wonderful folks who will be helping me get paid their fair share. So everyone from the cover artists to the editors will be paid. The work they do is invaluable and they deserve to be compensated.

This one is for you, Krista!
This one is for you, Krista!

One final note. While I was buried deep in my writing, my friend, Krista LaFave, was fighting for her life against leukemia. She is one of the people who inspired me to keep writing. She died a week after I completed the first draft of this book.  Blood Child is dedicated to her and her amazing family who allowed all of us who loved her to take part in saying good-bye.

Where The Funds Will Go

Funds will go towards the cover art and professional editing of the novel, first. Next, funds will go towards formatting text and promotional text and materials. The professional editing will be the most expensive part of the process next to marketing the project.   If extra funds are raised the money will go towards more marketing and promotion.  I would really like to be able to get a professionally designed website.

Again, any support you can offer is most appreciated.  To check out the full project, please click here. Folks that pledge to the project will get exclusive updates on the project and see the cover before anyone eyes.


There is anger in the air,poisoning all the tired souls,

tired of being good and getting nowhere.

While all the haters breathe easy

Spewing toxins into the atmosphere

killing us, killing them,

But they laugh while they die

digging their own graves

we die, too, at peace without actions.


Flying Free

They thought your trips and stumbles were the sign,

the end was near, and whispered as you walked

that the angel of Death had given you a fright.

No one saw how the angels held your arm and let you stand,

Walking straight and true with dignity and grace.

Or how they whisper that everyone would be ok,

Your strength and courage a final and forever gift,

Your little angel now grown can fly on her own,

No need to tend the nest, others will do that now,

Just be at peace.

You are among the ancestors, now.

The End is Nigh…

Or so I hope.

The weekend was not as productive as I had hoped. Sleep over took most of it. There was some editing and housework in between naps.

Bring my novella to a conclusion has proven far harder than I imagined and that is without the cold or the impending state testing.  My students have FCAT Writes on Tuesday. It is a nerve racking day for all involved.  All the work we have done all year will be judged in one hour. Scary isn’t it, given the number of factors involved that one day determines so much.

But, that is life. You work for months if not years on a project and then in a blink of an eye your work is judged by others who have no idea about the process or the struggle involved. All that matters is the end product.

When I finish Blood Child all that will matter is whether the story is a good one. The results of my work won’t be known for months after I am finished and Blood Child is published.  My students will get their results by May.  Good luck, kids. I know you will do your best. Just like your teacher.

Beauty Does Not Equal Happiness.

My neighbors are generous souls.  They are just plain good folks. Their home is always filled with friends and on occasion someone who needs a home.

One of their latest borders is a young man named David, twenty-two, uneducated and trying to put his life together.  He also has a crush on me.  A bad one. A really bad one despite every word that I have uttered to him.  Every word about not being available.

Luke the Puppy Dog
Petting = Love

Luke likes him, but I feel he is bias. Then again, Luke has a problem listening to me as well.

Still, there is no hope for this young man.  I am not interested and won’t be interested even if I was single, which I am not.

He did say something that turned my head.  He said I was too beautiful to be alone, too beautiful to be ignored, too beautiful to be unhappy. (paraphrasing here – this young man is not that eloquent)


I have always hated when amid heartache I am told that whomever has broken my heart is a fool because I am so beautiful.  Being fair of face does not equal happiness or less heartache.  It does not mean that I can have any man I want whenever I want.

Being beautiful isn’t a magic pill.  My life isn’t easy because I am pretty.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous, but her life was only complicated by her beauty. No one wanted Norma Jean, yet that is who they woke up next to after taking her to bed. Her true self. There are times when I have felt that was true of some of my past lovers.  They saw the shell and imagined what I was like, when they woke up with Lu, instead of the intriguing Lucinda, they were disappointed.

My body maybe curvy and delightful, but it isn’t ambrosia.  Men do walk away from my bed and my heart.  And I can’t get them back just because you find my outer shell beautiful.  Our society places so much on emphasis what on the outside that we forget that attraction and relationships need more than a pretty face.

The heart and soul need so much more than that to find happiness in a partner.

Lu, just Lu
Lu, just Lu


the slow roll of your eyes,

the tilt of your head,

the sneer of my lips,

judging another’s youthful enthusiasm,

joy for joy’s sake,

labeling her cuz you grown,

you grown cuz you gots a baby,

but any fool can spread her legs,

and let a man in…

To be really grown,

Grown Your Mind, Far and Wide,

After you open it.

Once Upon A Time: Reborn (A Review)

Review of Murder of Crows

by Edward Medina

Available for the Kindle at

Once upon a time has been reborn and re-engineered to perfection with the latest offering of Edward Medina. Murder of Crows is a classic waiting for the rest of the world to realize it.  There is a lyrical quality to Medina’s work that carries the reader on an unbelievable journey from a hundred and fifty year old circus to a pirate captain haunted and bent on revenge. It is one of those tales that grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let you go until the end.

Since spoilers are just plain rotten here are a couple of carefully chosen excerpts from the book.

After that Belladonna became her own creation. She became whoever she needed to be, to get whatever she wanted. And when she wanted, she wanted with her whole being. Nothing could stop her blood lust once she fixed and focused on a desire.

She was her father’s daughter after all, and so the want began to wear at her mind, and she she want oh, so much. She wanted not to be poor, not to be hungry and not to be alone.

Belladonna is so deliciously wicked that she will worm her way into your mind. You don’t want to enjoy her escapades or smile at her cleverness, but you will.  Trust me, you will.

Old Otter Bizarre would be dead six months later. He would pass in his sleep on the night of Raul and Julia’s debut flight. It was a kind gift from death to a creature, who with his last official act, unknowingly become responsible for the death of so many.

Raul and Julia are the parents of Benjamin Nightthorn and acrobats in the circus. The King and Queen of the Aerial Arts gave birth to their prince.  A prince that would witness not only tragedy but rise from its ashes to fulfill part of his father’s great dream.

Just like any good circus this book is fun for all ages and genres.  Stream punk fans will love how subtly the steam elements are organically incorporated.  Pirate lovers will enjoy this first book in the birth of a grand sea tale.

It is a story that I fell in love with, but since I know the author I feared I might be bias so I passed the book on. First to my sister, a woman who is an avid reader, she loved it.  Then two of my students, they echoed her opinion. They were desperate for more of the story and sincerely wish Mr. Medina had a blog they could follow.  The best review came from one of my fellow teachers who couldn’t put the book down even during class.

Like one of the other reviews of this novel I would give it more than five stars if I could.. in this case, I think it would be a twenty-five star review.  Murder of Crows is the prologue for series of books called the Adventures of the X Pirates.   It promises to be dark progression of tales where Benjamin Nightthorn, the tortured hero of Crows, becomes the villain.

You can read more about Edward Medina at his website, Twitter and Facebook.

P.S. Don’t forget to buy the book… It is a bargain at only .99 cents.

The Lady is a Vamp….

Review of Lady Dorn by Sean Hayden

Admittedly, I am a newbie to the Steampunk genre, but this novel blew me away. It isn’t pretentious as some of the genre have been reported to be.  In fact, it contained all the things that make a novel compelling; excellent character development, vivid imagery and twisty-turny plot designed to keep even the most experienced reader intrigued.

Lady Dorn, a vampire, formally with the British Imperial Guard, is summoned before the emperor to once again fight the mechanical menace that killed the love of her afterlife. Her disdain for the pint-size emperor is evident in the first few pages of the novel.  She does her duty when summoned and goes in search of the vile Dr. Stromanov, the evil scientist responsible for the plot. The same scientist that she killed years ago. His evil inventions have returned and begun killing vampires once more.

For a novel written on a dare, it shows amazing skill.  I can’t wait to read the next novel when it comes out.

This book is available on Amazon for the Kindle.  More information on the author can be found at his blog.