No More Resolutions

Let's stop pretending that they work for everyone. Or that they are a great idea to change our bad habits. Let's start getting smart about the things we want to change or need to accomplish. 2020 threw everyone for a loop. Over 1.78 million people have died worldwide. The plans that we had for the … Continue reading No More Resolutions


Three Lessons for the New Year

The End of 2020 The days and hours of 2020 are coming to an end. But, before you get on your knees to welcome 2021, remember it isn't over. The horrors of this year aren't going to evaporate at the stroke of midnight. The virus will still be with us even while the vaccine gives … Continue reading Three Lessons for the New Year

Five Resolutions to Keep

Some believe that resolutions are trite, especially New Year’s resolutions.   And with the prodigious rate that New Year’s Resolutions are dropped and forgotten those holding that opinion are completely justified. A resolution without conviction and a back-up plan is destined to fail. You know the saying that “If you fail to plan, you plan to … Continue reading Five Resolutions to Keep