Day follows Day

Day follows day

Night becomes

An endless series

Of tosses

And love untended

Still grows

Among the weeds and trash

Forgotten but not

In the heart that held it close



Always there.

Achy Head Sunday

Some mornings you wake up and your head just aches.  It just plain hurts from a gentle yet constant throbbing emanating from deep inside your skull.  Not enough to bring you down, but just enough to annoy, to make you blink at the light and wish for a magical cure.  My dear skull has decided to treat me to such a delight today.  It isn’t a migraine or a sinus headache, yet drugs and caffeine have failed to reach it.

There is but one solution.. a nap.

But, before I go snuggle under the covers for an hour or so, let me share a brief thought about illness like my headache. They are messages to us to stop. Stop running, rest and take care of ourselves; too often we run ourselves down even when we are “relaxing”.

Our bodies weren’t created for the non-stop lifestyle that so many folks have adopted.(Myself included despite my attempts to quit)  We have lost the ability to just be. To exist without having something to do or entertain us. So our bodies make such time for us.

Maybe if we spend a little less time trying to do and just were, we won’t suffer so much from annoying aches.  We might actually find their cause and take steps to prevent them.

Just a thought…