Remembering Papa

Today, one year ago in the early morning hours in Florida Hospital Orlando, Papa ended his fight.  He was 71 years old.

Here is the obituary that I wrote for him. It wasn’t published in his hometown paper. A shorter more mundane version was published.  Momma didn’t think his Pennsylvania family would get it.  She was probably right.

13015292_827551220683527_6139950154635756402_nDennis “Papa” Teets 

Dennis “Papa” Teets died in Orlando, Florida on January 8th surrounded by his family at the age of 71.

He is survived by his mother, Beatrice, sister Cindy, his brother Dale, his wife, Patricia, son, Eric, stepchildren, Katherine, Marie, Frederick and Lucinda, grandchildren, Fredrick, Thomas, Emma and Anika. He is preceded into death by his beloved cat, Rambo.

He was born on April 14th, 1946, in Uniontown, PA. It was said when he was born, you could see the devil in his eyes.

He proudly served in the U.S. Army and spent a career working for the GSA. He was a slayer of demons and rescuer of damsels in distress, unless ocean waves were involved.

He wasn’t a perfect man. He didn’t always have the right words, but he loved his family and hated when he hurt them.

His family was his world. He liked to cause minor mischief reserving major mischief for leap years or when no one was looking. No one was good enough for his daughters and he always wondered where the second half of their skirts went to.

On August 3, 2018, he was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery .








Remembrance Day

I will wear my school colors today, because to today is Remembrance Day at Virginia Tech.  In 2007, a student went on a violent rampage killing 32 people and then himself.  It was a horrible day.  The peaceful Virginia Tech campus was shattered and the world’s eyes focused in on Tech.

I am proud to say that I believe that my school rose to the occasion and showed the world what it means to believe in something more than yourself, to be a part of a community and to mourn as a community. Today is a reminder that sometimes you can’t prevent bad things, but you don’t have to let destroy you or define you.

Acknowledge it. Mourn and let yourself live.

Living is the only way to honor the dead.