Friday Quick Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy…


Hunger Games
Hunger Games – Rue

The first two weeks of school are always the hardest both for teachers and students.  When teachers reunited in the fall there is the usually catching up conversations and then if you are really lucky you have a chance in between meetings and desperately trying to plan the first couple of weeks of school, there is an opportunity to share ideas.

This year, I was really lucky and our school’s new Social Studies teacher offered me all of her resources on the Hunger Games for my English students.  The popularity of the series lead me to give a resounding yes to the offer.  The books I need to teach the Hunger Games will be in a week or two.

Even so I began reading the series..and haven’t stopped.   If you have read any of these books, you know what happened.  I was hooked.  Storytelling, genuine storytelling has kept me enthralled for three weeks.  Currently I am on the last book, Mockingjay, and if it weren’t for a stomach bug they would be finished.

The protagonist of the series, Katniss, the girl on fire, is a character that nearly everyone can relate to.. one whose feelings are echoed in many of our hearts and souls.  Self-doubt and self-discovery play a huge role in the novels.  Other characters like Rue and Prim steal your heart.

Hunger Games
Katniss & Gale

There are many that will criticize popular novels like the Hunger Games Trilogy and sometimes they have a point that these novels are the best crafted pieces of literature. What makes them popular is the story telling; which in this trilogy is amazing.  I couldn’t make it through the Twilight Trilogy, no matter how many of my students love it.  The Hunger Games Trilogy has all the right stuff.. Check it out. … More later…. back to bed with this sick blogger.