Day One of Gratitude: Sisterhood

It’s Friday night with the girls.. our heels are off, if we even had them on in the first place.  Sonja is dressed to clean. I love her country cow sweatshirt and crochet bandana, no matter what she wears she is always herself and always beautiful.  Everyone else is in their comfy clothes.

No men, well, except for the cat, but Nigel is more concerned with his arch-nemesis, Lucky.

The martini glasses are in the cabinet and no one is drinking.  We are not Sex in the City types. Girls night is just what each of us need. I am writing on the laptop, Sonja is cleaning and organizing her shoebox size house and Serena, on a rare night out, is just relaxing. The conversation at the moment is about the Netflix selection: Paranormal State.  Laughter, sharing and the simple act of being with friends is all we need; it is sacred time.

We aren’t catty girls, we are just friends.  We talk, we drink tea and we share.

The evening is broken up early, Sonja needs to go into work. But the magic has been worked, the ragged edges of our spirits have been mended.

I am grateful for each time we gather; whether blood sisters or sisters found along life’s journey. We heal each; gather strength to be the women we want and need to be.  Thank you, my sisters, I love you, all.