Testing Cycle

Stuff knowledge into their heads cramp it in there until their eyes beg you to stop plead with you to let them up for air then review, review and review some more because they have to know it they have to know it all and then stuff some more into their head Make sure they … Continue reading Testing Cycle


The End is Nigh…

Or so I hope. The weekend was not as productive as I had hoped. Sleep over took most of it. There was some editing and housework in between naps. Bring my novella to a conclusion has proven far harder than I imagined and that is without the cold or the impending state testing.  My students … Continue reading The End is Nigh…

Arming Ms. Apple

Of all the things that could be done to education, the worst would be the arming of American school teachers. Seriously, it would be disastrous...Countless teachers would quit or retire in order to avoid having to carry gun in a school or work around them.  Many more would never entered the profession.  Teachers are under-fire … Continue reading Arming Ms. Apple