Vision Impossible – Maybe not….

A Review of Vision Impossible – A Psychic Mystery – by Victoria Laurie

I am a not negative person, but above all I am an honest one.  This review isn’t going to be all love, there comes a time when you need to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

I love this series and after getting over my initial shock of intuitive Abigail Cooper becoming a spy, I enjoyed the book.  The concept seemed implausible when I began the novel, but then I remembered why I was reading it in the first place; to escape, to enter a world not of my own and just go along for the ride.  And I did, free falling out an airplane with Abby.  We both lived through the experience.

Yes, certain things are a bit beyond belief and she does get some facts wrong, but I grew up in the NOVA (Northern Virginia) region of the country right outside of D.C. and I am used to people getting the city wrong.  Way wrong.. and yes, I have complained. The next thing however is I do is to go back to my theater days and remember that old fourth wall.

The invisible wall that tells you to suspend disbelief and lets you know this isn’t reality.  In turn, you let yourself enter the world that the author creates for you.  Over the course of the last eight novels, fans like myself have gotten used to the world she created and when things were being stretched I stayed with it, because I loved the characters and the world.  She changed the world and I went along with it.

The problem that I think many readers including myself have is that we didn’t have a chance acclimate ourselves to Austin before we were whisked off on a spy adventure.  The carefully crafted world present in the previous novels wasn’t as well put together in this one. Readers took notice and responded.

If you love Abby, I mean really love her, you will love this book, but if you are the person that only kind of loves her or is non-committal, you might not love it.  You may only like it.

You can follow Victoria Laurie on twitter and purchase her book at most bookstores as well as Amazon.


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