Death Has Come Up

Review of Zombie Bible: Death Has Come Up into Our Windows

By Stant Litore

This first book of the Zombie Bible is very promising for lovers of fiction and the horror genre.  The story is set in an ancient city besieged by the Babylonian army and the dead, setting it apart from others in the genre.

Zombies aren’t a new terror in this world, which is a welcome relief from the norm of post-apocalyptic zombie filled tales.  It invites the reader to step back in time and follow the journey of a prophet chosen by God to spread her warnings to the people..

The plot weaves back and forth from the man fighting for his survival and sanity to the events which lead him there.  Litore’s writing is compelling and honestly it keeps you interested even when you want the tragedy to end or to beg him to have some mercy on the characters.

This is truly an original work, no clichés or worn out metaphors. Litore gives us vivid and heat wrenching descriptions like this “The memory found him and fastened to him like a great leech in the mud, and he lay against the wall as it drank from him.”.

A good novel should go for the throat; this novel goes for your heart, rips it out and eats it before your eyes. It elevates this genre from blood and guts spilled for amusement to something with a greater meaning.  Many of know of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a horror novel, but its’ greatness comes not from the fear it produces instead it comes from the thoughts it produces in the readers.  Both this book and Frankenstein draw the reader into reflecting on the human condition and its’ gruesome reality.

For lovers of fiction, particularly those of you who love zombies, this is a must read.

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