Monday Post

Normally, by this time I have a post ready for you.  Not this week.. I have about three unfinished posts and a poem or two in the process of being birthed.  Some poems are messier to birth than others. Some topics need to stew for a while before I know where they are going.

Still loving my new home, just tired from working the weekend and the time change.  Funny how living life does that to you. Maybe my lack of finishing a post has to do with the flood of emotions running from my heart to my mind and then back again.  Single is life good and I don’t regret my decision, but .. well that’s the thing.. there is a but.. And when there is a but.. things are never settled.

Writing this blog, I have learned that as much as I enjoy self-reflection and sharing things with my readers; there are some things I can’t share because they involve others and I don’t have a right to share them.  So, I will contain the marathon of emotions to the pages of my journals and work on finishing this week’s poem.


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