Heroes and Villians….

Review of The Hero Always Wins by Robert Eaton

Never judge a book by its cover or by a really quick glance; initially the cover of Hero Always Wins reminded me of a romance novel, which is why it languished so long on the reading list.  Oh, how wrong I was.

It was the perfect book to start my spring break reading fest. It keep me engaged while cuddled beneath the covers. Just what the doctor order, rest and recuperation with a side of adventure.

The tale begins with a young, prideful knight engaging in battle.  He charges into battle, kills the warlock and saves the maiden (plus a crazy old man) by going against orders. He carries a sword inscribed with the word – Hero and while his deeds are heroic, they can also be foolish like getting drunk more than once and letting those who depend on him down. It is the beginning of the archetypical hero’s journey where the hero’s pride gets knocked down and he learns to be a man.  The only question is what kind of man.  Darcy is faced with tracking down the traitor who killed his father. The same man who is now wrecking havoc on his home city by leaving a trail of bodies.

The path to his destiny is twisted and filled with innovative turns, making this anything the typical hero with a sword gets the girl and saves the day adventure.

Eaton creates a world that invites his readers; there are a few idiosyncrasies in his world that at first threw me.  Not far mine you, but enough to know that there were holes in his world.  They aren’t significant and one moves past them into the adventure.  Eaton weaves a fantastic tale not to be missed.

This is Eaton’s first novel and with the way he ended it, readers will be begging for more.

For more information on the author – www.roberteaton.net

You can purchase the novel on amazon.com in both paperback and kindle versions.


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