Today, I realized that once again I was stacking too much on my plate and it was only preventing me from taking care  things in my life.  My priorities got all mixed up and so it was time to make an adjustment.  One that has been coming for some time.

My to-do list was cut in half. Everything on it now is something that I can do without waiting on someone or something. The graduate schools I have been looking at will still be there once I take care of other matters.  There was just no point in trying to do everything at once; especially when I am only human.  Rent needs to be paid before taking the GRE and money saved for the summer.

As a result, the house was straighten, the kitty boys taken care of and clothes were put away.  My journal received an update and calls were returned.  I am feeling less overwhelmed and more like the person that I wish to be.

Life still isn’t fair, but it is just.  Everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t get to know what it is.


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