The Ride Slows Down

The roller coaster hasn’t let me off, but I did manage to make my weekend writing goal and took a nice chunk out of this week’s goal in the same shot. It has slowed down a bit as I have been taking the time to breathe, rest and repeat.  One of my favorite author’s is on my kindle making me fall in love with her all over again.  When in doubt, read a book.

I may blue and riding on a runaway emotional roller coaster, but I think I finally see the end in sight.  My precious kitty boys are still looking for their buddy, Shadow, who passed away a week ago yesterday, have finally begun to settle down.

Shadow was as a friend said a noble kitty.  I have never seen a being die and will never forget his last moments. One moment his body was animate and the next it was just a husk.  The vet did all she could given how ill he was.  She let me hold him in a cream color blanket and I cried; cried like I have never cried before. This little creature whose life I was entrusted with was gone.  My heart broke that night.

Then came the sobering reality of death; something had to be done with his remains and their were charges to settled for his care.   I am so grateful for Jamie who came to make sure I was ok and got home safely and my Mom who is helping me bare the financial burden. Funny how we never think about the economic aspects of the death.

Until we are standing there being asked how to dispose of our love one’s remains. Cash or Charge, no checks, please.

Life goes on, no matter what we do.  And that is it’s beauty. It truly is.


4 thoughts on “The Ride Slows Down

  1. It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? For a long time I felt like I was walking around with a big gaping hole in my chest no-one else could see. Books do seem to help though – Jane Eyre helped me through! Nice and long and involved.
    Hope you’re felling better soon. 🙂


  2. My sympathies for your loss. I remember being faced with the same harsh financial realities when I lost my Mantha a couple years ago. I was dreadfully heartbroken and suddenly faced with not knowing how I was going to *pay* for it. It felt very shocking in the moment. {{hugs}}


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