My Zombie Hunting Addiction…

This blog helps keep my focus on my writing goals. Zombie hunting keeps me from loosing my mind amid life’s conflicting duties.

I hunt daily. Everyday, I kill zombies. My preferred method of dispatching them is with a katina, but a shovel or shotgun will do in a pinch.

Sometimes, well, most days, I sneak off whenever I can to feed my obsession with killing the icky undead.  Thankfully, modern technology has seen its way into creating applications for cellphones and other electronic devices into order to feed nearly every unholy addiction known to man. The few addictions that remain undiscovered will soon be reveled  by computer programmers working through the night on Red Bull and Mountain Dew binges.

My zombie culling cravings are satisfied though playing Zombie Lane on Facebook. Silly.. absolutely, but it is a distraction that is free and doesn’t requiring me having to wash zombie remains out of my hair.

There are friends of mine who have stopped playing Facebook games all together stating that they are wasting too much time on them or are simply can’t keep up with all the requests.  The number of requests for items or to join this or that game can be quite annoying, so this is more than reasonable. Still, I delight in doing something which is mindless. Something that only requires my attention in a limited capacity.

We all need distraction. For some of us that distraction comes in the form of mindless games, others similarly mindless television programing. In the great depression, movies filled the role of the great distract-er .

In my chosen mindless distraction, there are tasks to be accomplished which when completed sometime fill me with a false sense of accomplishment; given that most of the jobs I have chosen in my life to undertake are never ending, it is nice to be able to finish some thing every once in a while.

Plus, if anyone asks what I am doing I can always tell them that I am preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.


2 thoughts on “My Zombie Hunting Addiction…

  1. I’ve never heard of that game, but it sounds right up my alley. Do you have to “recruit” friends in order to increase levels and game play?


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