My brain has deserted me for the evening.  This weeks blogs were caught in the maelstrom which always results after I have been absent from my classroom.  This time, I was out for two days.  One was planned, a training on how to write Individual Education Plans. The other was most certainly not planned.

Monday night, I didn’t go to bed until two in the morning. It wasn’t planned or spent working on a grand master piece. I just tired, at all. Sleep wasn’t achieved until five am. Work with hormonal already sleep deprived teenagers is not recommend on less than two hours of sleep.  So I called in.  That my dear friends is when my tummy gave me another reason to stay home.

Tuesday was lost to sweet, sweet sleep.

Wednesday, if you read my twitter posts, I was imprisonment in meeting hell.  Well meaning, yet still grossly misinformed district staff attempting to relate to teachers who work in the trenches of education.  There were some good points and helpful information. Still, it could have been done in half the time and with more teacher buy-in.

Returning to school on Thursday meant figuring out exactly where my students had been doing in my absence. Never a fun task. They thought their gentle Ms. Rose would return, she didn’t.  The week of no excuses was a success despite my absence.  It took work and brain power,  but they are slowly they are adjusting to reality.

This evening I realized that no blogs had been posted since Monday.

Now my brain is being all fuzzy.  Mmmmm, maybe it is time to curl up with my fuzzy little boy..

Night Night


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