A Hairy Issue


Dancing Hair

What I am about to say is going to sound vain, but I have beautiful hair. People love my hair. I mean they LOVE my hair. Love it to the point that when I mention cutting  it they freak out.

Seriously, they freak out and nearly always beg me  to keep it long, even though it has looked pretty awesome short. The picture to your right was taken right after I came home from the salon.   Seek and sexy hair thanks to the student stylists at the Paul Mitchell School. Yes, I go to beauty schools. The instructors are always close on hand and the price is right.

I love my hair, but it needs to be cut and styled.  It needs the tender loving care of a stylist.  It needs not just a trim, but to be rejuvenated.

Short and Saucy Hair

Thursday, I will sit down in a friend’s chair and let him play.

Yes that’s right.  I am going to let him have his way with my hair.   My only two conditions are that the length is maintained and its style doesn’t not depend on it being straighten.

Change is good and my hair needs a change.  I need a change.  A hair cut for me isn’t just about caring my locks, but it is maintenance for mental health.  It tells the nagging self-deprecating parts of my mind that I am worth taking care of and is sometimes the catalyst for other health transformations.

I know that people shouldn’t judge me for the way I look, but at the same time if I don’t take care of myself and put some pride into how I look as well as what I do then I find myself more self conscious instead of less.  Beauty and confidence really do come from the inside. The trick is remembering that taking care of the outside makes openings for them to shine through where ourselves and others can see.


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