Finished, Well Almost..

When I wrote the ending for my novella last week, I rejoiced.  I openly declared it finished. This is the longest writing project that I have brought to an ending. Moments later I realized that the ending was really just another beginning.

Now, I have to run through the draft while I shop for editor to look over it.  Next step after that is the cover art and marketing plan.  I am completely stumped on the cover and have no idea of what I would like to see.  The cover could have been done months ago if it I had at least an inkling of idea for it.

One of the sites that I have been reading talks about the goals and writing and while I would love to be able to make a living off of writing what I want most is people to read and enjoy the stories I create.

The short term plan is to self-publish the novella as an e-book. Then move on to my long term plan by completing my novel and then look for an agent.  In between those things I am going to work on several short story ideas and finding homes for completed stories in anthologies.

I love writing and in truth whether I become a traditionally published author or not, the stories will never stop flowing from my heart and mind.


2 thoughts on “Finished, Well Almost..

  1. Congratulations!

    Editing can be almost as fulfilling if you get into it. I edited my dissertation for almost 8 months and a forthcoming book for even longer.

    Didn’t Mark Twain say something clever about there being no great writers, just great re-writers?

    Here’s to you figuring out how to be both.


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