Now the Real Work Begins

So now that I have a good working draft of my novella, it is time to work on ideas for the cover, write a synopsis and all that good jazz. 

Part of the process includes promoting this page and other social media efforts.  So here is my proposal.  Once my facebook page gets  to 150 likesFacebook-Keyboard-Like, I will open exclusive content to all my followers both  on facebook and here as well as select at random five facebook folks to receive a PDF copy of my poetry collection.  I have been writing poetry since I was a child and the collection has nearly 150 poems. See the correlation.

Once Blood Child is ready for release, hopefully by the end of the summer if not before, everyone here will automatically be entered to win a copy. 

So please share this page and help get the show on the road.

Love, Hugs and Moos,



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