Late Homework

Revised: 4-2-13 –

A ton of ideas have been flowing through my brain, none have made it to the surface. Life recently has decided to teach me a lesson about listening to my gut. My little voice.  I have done really well over the years when I have listened to it. When I don’t.

I fall on my arse.

I fall on my arse hard.

The result of not listening this time around was getting a roommate who let strangers in the middle of the night and believe it or not pour coke into my wine and dumped it in the trash.  There is a lot more to the story, but the rest of the story isn’t necessary  since I  got to the message and am working to listening.

It isn’t easy. I thought it would be, but as my roommate was leaving I made a classic mistake that my inner voice whispered was wrong. Now my pasta pot has wax in it and getting it out is next to impossible.

Everyone’s inner voice needs to and is begging to be listened to. I know from years of guiding others in meditation that the voice will only get stronger if it is listened to. There was a time when that voice was strong enough to tell me which way to go without me second guessing it.

Back to the meditation cushion for Lu…


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