Soul Therapy

1005587_10152234107489156_493769909_nRunning around Orlando away from all of the theme parks there are some really beautiful spots where un-manufactured beauty lives. The photos below are a part of that hidden beauty.995689_10152233803719156_358904433_n

My friend, Niki, took them as apart of journey back to her artistic side has captured some of that beauty. She has graciously let me use some her photos here.  You will begin seeing them as the new headers adorning this site. Below are the full images for your enjoyment.

1013488_10152233804709156_214689075_nIf you are interesting in using any of these for yourself, please let me know so I can put you in contact with her.  In the coming weeks, you will hopefully be seeing more of her photos as well as the work of my friend, Tom Cook of Thomas Cook Photography.

You will also see her work in upcoming posts on our summer bucket list.1013538_10152234080584156_1237107009_n Look out Orlando, here we come.


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