Kittens Invasion – Part II

Marco and Pollo want you to join the Kitten Protection League.

Marco and Pollo want you to join the Kitten Protection League.

A fourth kitten has joined the brigade.  I will not become the crazy cat lady. I will not become the crazy cat. I am not a crazy cat lady. I repeat that mantra every time I interact with the invaders.

Jack and Nu Mu, my two old kitty boys, are angry that there are these upstarts in the house.  They have refused to cuddle and want to nothing to do with the kittens which is good because they need to be separated until the kittens receive a clean bill of health.  Luke thinks that he is the Momma cat and has been trying to clean the kittens as soon they come out of the crate.

The youngest kitten, Spat, is a worry since he hasn’t been weaned and isn’t eating much. He is still active which is a good sign.

The thing is these kittens should never have been born. Their father is a house cat.  He has a home. He has people who love him and feed him.  If he had been neutered then these kittens would not have been born and I would never have walked down the street to find one kitten lying on the asphalt dead.  He or she had been hit by a car. This isn’t the first kitten to die this season.

Others were killed by raccoons and one or two by a neighbors dog who really just wanted to play.

All kittens must be inspected.

All kittens must be inspected.

Now, the search is on for a rescue to help with the kittens and further invasions since I can not stand by and let innocent creatures like these die.  Not when my fellow humans are to blame.



P.S. Update: One of the rescue groups responded with information on how to make them more adoptable, but they are unable to help at the moment.  If you want to help these kittens out, please consider donating to the Orange County Animal Services by clicking here. They are working to expand their facility and have been partnering for fosters to help adopt out more animals.

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