Modern Woman

I am told that I have it all

But the things I want

Didn’t come with my college education

or the career achievements

that I have worked so hard for

The mind I spent so much time cultivating

seems more of a detriment

Than an advantage

And the frivolous girls

who didn’t believe in feminism

or equal anything for plus sized me

The frivolous girls

Who criticized me in my youth

told me I had baby making hips

but never believed I used them

Have families and babies

And the dreams I wished for

But couldn’t be accomplished on my own

So I cry because I fell for a song and dance

That I am told I am too smart for

But the lofty dreams I dared to dream

And reached didn’t take away

my need for love

for someone to hold me in the night

And be there when the dawn breaks.

Theses dreams didn’t give me the family,

tradition told me I would have

promised me would be mine in Sunday school

now that I am not old or young

Somewhere in between

And not willing to settle for some fool

But still falling for a song and a dance

I am told I am too smart… for

all for a tickle and giggle that doesn’t last

until the dawn breaks leaving me cold and alone

with accomplishments and college diploma.


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