Last Sunday night, I penned a blog trying to fulfill a commitment to my readers and it came out all wrong.

I wanted to express my frustration at parts of my life.

But, the words they weren’t…..They were true, but still awkward. They were in that moment in time the truth, but not all truths need to be expressed.

And sometimes they just need to sit.

Wednesday, I wanted to quit my job. I was crying at work and the weight of my world was crushing me. The first paycheck of year which normally brings hope fell short and I was lost.  Luke and a walk around Lake Eola helped straighten things up a bit. They weren’t awesome, but workable. Not hopeful, but livable.

Relaxing with Luke ~ Photo Credit - Niki Rubi

Relaxing with Luke ~ Photo Credit – Niki Rubi

Today, I was dancing.  I am proud to announce that my Kickstarter project is now fully funded.  We are at 104%.  We have eight days left in the campaign. By making the goal early, we have time to raise extra funds for stretch goals and to do more with the publication of Blood Child and its marketing.  It also means that I can contract my desired cover artist and begin to arrange for other publication tasks to begin.It has been an amazing first leg of my publication journey.There is still time to contribute if you would like to get one of the first copies of Blood Child when it is published.  It comes signed.

Thank you for all of your support.  I am on cloud nine…

Me trying not to bounce off the walls of my classroom.

Me trying not to bounce off the walls of my classroom.


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