Mondays Ain’t So Bad

Mondays just like mornings have the power to change your life.

Really they do.

You just have to be open to it and like the new Brittany Spears song says you have to “Work Bitch.”

Yes, I listened to a whole Brittany Spears song.  If you must know, I do like some pop music and have recently begun listening to stations other than my local NPR station.  Everyone is capable of change even English teachers.

To get to that wonderful world of change, you have to work for it.

And you have to work for it.

And work for it and keep working for it.

And then you have to realize that working hard isn’t everything.

That the stories we were told as children that hard work and determination would help us achieve our dreams were lies.

You can be the most determined person on the planet and that still won’t get you where you want to be unless you are prepared to change the way you think and break a few rules.

Think about Monday and all of the expectations that go along with it.  All of your preconceived expectations of what a Monday is going to be like.

Did any of them make you groan this morning as you woke up? Are you groaning now?

Think about who made the rules about Mondays. Who told you that they were evil or the indicators of whether a week is going to be bad or good? Who told you the rules to the game?

Work hard and change how you think and then change the rules of the game.

This English teacher did…

And so will I….



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