Reflections from the Soon To Be Published

Every Sunday from now until September, I am schedule to work at my second job.  Two nights a week, I teach at night and don’t see my home until nearly nine at night.  My life for the next month will continue to contain one day off a week and very little time that isn’t spoken for and I am okay with that because it is helping me focus.

Focus is good. Focus is what it takes to be a success.

Focus reminds me to write, to schedule time for myself at my writing desk.

It takes focus to be a writer. You can’t just write whenever the mood strikes and hope to be successful.  This may work for some, but for the majority of professional writers and I am including independent authors such as myself we have to write everyday.

Since I am new to the writing game, I am not going to bore  you with my thoughts writing.  Right now, I have many and  I am sure that more than a few are incorrect.  What am I going to do is assure you of a couple things.

1) You are crazy, but it is alright all the best people are.

2)The only way to get your book done is to follow the advice of people like Neil Gaiman and put one word after another on paper until you are done.

3) Writing is hard work and also an obsession. See I told you are crazy.

4) If you don’t like it or find it boring then your readers will as well.

5) There are only so many hours in the day, do what you can everyday and try and do a little better the next day.  It will never feel like enough, but even writers are human.

Please feel free to add your thoughts below.


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