Notes from the Equinox

I didn’t make it to church, today. I needed time to clean, grade and write, but just because they are mundane things doesn’t mean they can’t have spiritual component.

The equinoxes are days of balance.  Times to get rid of what has been keeping balance from our lives. Lately, I have been on a teeter-totter: flying high up into the air and then slamming my tushie into ground.  My bruised butt and ego have taken a beaten these last few months.

Today, my home is clean or at least cleaner than it was this morning. It feels better so much better than it did before.  My general to-do list is much shorter than it was in the morning. My papers are graded and the week’s lesson plan is written and uploaded. I didn’t get much writing done, but I set my week up for success.

Not being a full time writer it can be easy to get discouraged. Easy to give up and throw in the towel before one has even started, but I prefer to use that towel to wipe the dirt off my butt and get back in the writing chair.


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