Black Friday – Let’s Play Nice!!!

Every year the media makes a big deal over the Black Friday Sales.

This past year more than a few stores decided to open on Thanksgiving Day and many of them did not see the crowds there were expecting or needed. I am sure that a few will do it again.

All in the name of saving money.

Insane right. But,they will do it again even with people getting hurt. 

I have only been to three Black Friday Sale in my entire life.  We never went to them when I was growing up. My family has never been one crowds.

The first time I attended a sale was with a former roommate to get a Christmas tree for our apartment.  The second time, I was working retail. It wasn’t bad since I had the second shift of the day and most of the people were nice. I do remember how awful  I felt for the rest of the staff who had to come in at 2 am to get the store ready. Many when to bed immediately after they had Thanksgiving with their families. At least they got Thanksgiving, more and more people aren’t getting the day off. A day that nearly everyone had off so they could spend time with their families. Isn’t that what the holidays are really all about family and friends, not Big Screen TV’s for $399.00. (The third time was for a pair of jeans at Old Navy, just one pair of jeans.)

Isn’t it?

Is Christmas about the gifts or the time with family?

Is money worth your life? People have actually died shopping in this big door buster sales. In 2008, the doors of a Walmart were really ripped off the hinges and killed a Walmart employee.  Two more people died the same year in a shooting at a Southern California Toy R Us.  According to one website, seven people have died in Black Friday related incidents.  Nearly a hundred have been injured.

Black Friday Madness has become a symbol of what is wrong in our consumer society. We are so driven to consume that we forget that there is more than saving money and respecting each other.  The new thing is to criticize those people that do choose to shop on Black Friday.bf3It has now become cool to shame those who shop on America’s biggest shopping day of the year.  America’s latest craze is to shame people into good behavior.  You would like that American would have learned after back lash that followed Fit Mom, Maria Kang, ill fated effort to show all of us that we can get in shape.  Her non-apology got her kicked off Facebook.  She took her actions after the news media reported that shaming especially fat shaming doesn’t work.

So what makes American’s think shaming shoppers would work?

It won’t. In fact some Americans will go shopping because people have told them it is wrong. You know there are people will do it.  And be proud of themselves for doing it. Is it wrong for you to shop on Black Friday or the Thanksgiving? I can’t answer that. I am not you.

I don’t shop on those two days unless it is an essential need.  Toilet paper for example.  Or Wine. I do love a good class of wine. My reasons for it aren’t all for the workers who I do believe deserve a day off with their families. They aren’t holier than thou.  They are mine.

Shop or don’t shop, but don’t bash another human being.  If you do, leave the taser at home, why don’t you?


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