Back to the Grind (April Page 20)

Did you know that it is time to get up?

Did you know that it is time to get up?

Drag yourself out of bed, just two minutes after the alarm and everything starts moving. The dogs begin with their tails beating the floor until they are wound up enough to get them on their feet.  This can take any where from five minutes to thirty second depending on how long it takes your feet to hit the ground.

They wander around you as you stumble forth to the bathroom or kitchen. It doesn’t matter. They just want you to go towards the door.  If you take too long they may gently bump you to guide you where you need to go.

The daily grind always begins with the click, clack, click, click, clack of paws on payment and waving of puppy dog tails. Sometimes they have to pull you down the steps. Sometimes you go as partners, but always you go.


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