Vague Death Post

What do you do when the person you've been in a toxic relationship for 16 years dies and you find out a day later? What do you do when for the last ten years that person has kept you as a secret? You cry.  The tears seeping out rather than pouring.  You tell yourself to … Continue reading Vague Death Post

The State of Things April

Oh goodness, where am I now? Physically, I am sitting on a broken chair at my writing desk. My knees aren't aching, but my hip hurts. Don't know why, but it is. Getting older when you have lived an interesting life isn't easy. It is hard to get old. It is hard to deal with … Continue reading The State of Things April

Night Stalker Too Graphic?

The Netflix docuseries "Night Stalker" has been criticized as being too much for viewers. If it is then we have sanitized the real horror of Richard Ramirez's crimes to the point that we expect no longer to be uncomfortable when dealing them. Richard Ramirez was a monster. He was rapist, a child molester and a … Continue reading Night Stalker Too Graphic?