A poem without a name

Stop the madness the relentless drive to be comfortable there is no comfort no lasting bit of piece no moment that will take away all the time spent being abused by myself or others so many of the scars inflicted upon our souls are self-inflicted Stop the madness do more with less and give up … Continue reading A poem without a name



blinded by smoke scored by the heat nothing but the most bitter fruit left to eat nothing left but to fight to fight to die and maybe then be heard or be seen on CNN and misunderstood still better than do nothin' being the big man's punk and doing my time in the oligarch's machine … Continue reading Blinded

Happy Endings…

Happy Endings are only the beginnings Only the beginning Only the beginning And getting to the beginning takes work lots and lots of work Just like what comes after. If you’d like more information on Lucinda's work subscribe to this blog, follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.  Her new novella, Blood Child … Continue reading Happy Endings…