100 Words on Ramona & the Bus

Yesterday, a kind librarian gifted me a book, Ramona Quimby ~ Age 8 by Beverly Cleary. One of my very favorite books when I was age 8. I remember reading this on the bus riding to elementary school. My mom had decided that since my big brother was no longer walking with me to school … Continue reading 100 Words on Ramona & the Bus

100 Words After A Welcomed Nap

Came home early to a quiet house and two pooches wagging their tails, well one was. The second pup, my Luke, meandered in a few minutes after his legs stiff from a long hard nap. Ready for another one if I was game. The momentum of moment spent, I was game. These false summer days … Continue reading 100 Words After A Welcomed Nap

100 Words Talking To A Friend

Can I call again? Of course. Sometimes when a friend calls they don't need advice. They need you to listen and reassure them that they aren't a bad person for setting boundaries. You listen and speak when called. You listen and don't insert yourself. You listen and when you expect that the process will begin … Continue reading 100 Words Talking To A Friend

New Year – New Reading Goal

Since 2012, I have been taking part in Goodreads Reading Challenge and in that time I've only complete the challenge twice (2016 & 2020). This is far better than my attempts to write 50,000 words in a month and complete National Novel Writing Month each year. (Hint: I haven't finished once.) The Mega To Be … Continue reading New Year – New Reading Goal

The Writer and the Stress Monster

The start of school this year as been harder than usual.  I haven't gotten much writing done in the last five weeks. I haven't gotten much done at all. No going to the gym, keeping up with family or working around the house.  I go in early and I leave late and nothing seems to … Continue reading The Writer and the Stress Monster