Working Sick Day

mornig 003

Luke taking care of his momma.

Yesterday, I came home from school sick. An impressive feat for a school teacher since it involved obtain the principal’s permission. I slept most of the day with Luke on my feet preventing me from going anywhere.  Thanks to Sonia, I had dinner made for me while I continued napping on her sofa. A nice and yummy change of napping venues.  Life is good and friends are blessings.

h 001

Booger helping me write

Today, I am home again resting with my old writing partner sitting on my lap. His poppa went on a fishing trip so last night on my way home I brought him over to my house.  Bogger felt asleep quickly, even snoozing under the covers for a bit. This morning, they woke me up and demanded attention. Maybe this wasn’t the best plan given my health.  But, the boys won out and outside we ventured at 3:30am.  They sniffed, did their business and came back into bed.

Today, I am feeling world’s better and determined to rest. Resting taking the form of bathing two puppies (puppies being a term of endearment not denoting size) and taking one to get his nails clipped.  The bathroom is now clean, the living room straightened and the kitchen mostly clean. A nap is in order soon. Progress will be made on Blood Child, today.  There is an ending to be written.

Yesterday, I had one puppy on feet helping me to rest and today, there is another puppy on my lap helping me to work.  I will rest and I will write, repeating as necessary until Blood Child is done.


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