Yearly Focus

Many believe that what you do on the first day of the new year predicts the course of the rest of the year. If that is true then this next year is going to be full of good company, good food and naps. I don't have a problem with any of that. Last year, I … Continue reading Yearly Focus


All Hail the Queen

This morning brought the news that Anne Rice, the great dame of American Horror Writing, past away. Her son broke the news. Her first book and most famous book "Interview with a Vampire" in 1976 when she was 35. I am ten years older than she was when she published her first book. A book … Continue reading All Hail the Queen

Prompt Post: Gluten Free? Yes, I am….

Prompt: Gluten Free the early days... To be honest, I don't remember much from those days. I remember being in my first solo apartment, one that I was responsible for all by myself. It was my third or fourth year of teaching. Money was tight as it has been my entire life but Friday's were … Continue reading Prompt Post: Gluten Free? Yes, I am….

Going Back In Time

Florida was my home for 18 years. In a way, it will always be my home. So much of who I am today was formed in the Sunshine State, albeit from the shadows as I am not really found of heat or sun. Yes, I did willingly move to Florida but until you live here you don't understand how oppressive the sun is. It never really stops trying to scorch the invaders so it can go back to being a happy mosquito infested swamp. We all have our glory days, and Florida misses when its very nature repelled development.

Prompt Post: Twisting the Traditional

Prompt: How to put a fresh twist into a topic that has been super-saturated with books and films? This prompt was given to me by my friend, Peg.  Thank you, Peg for saving this week’s blog.  The first thing that comes to mind is zombies.  American fiction and cinema is obsessed with them.  The idea … Continue reading Prompt Post: Twisting the Traditional