Making a New Map

How does one get unstuck in life? How does one deal with being so lost that they have finally gotten tired of throwing their hands up in the air? Of starting all over once more.  Of staring at the end and knowing how much work it is going to take to make it a beginning. … Continue reading Making a New Map

Book Review: A Short Story with an Excellent Vintage

The Corpse Of Madeline Hill By Edward Medina I love plays on words and people who play with them as well, which is why I always jump at the opportunity to read something by Edward Medina. So when he said he was coming out with a story for Valentine's Day, I was ready and waiting … Continue reading Book Review: A Short Story with an Excellent Vintage

Awilda: A Review

Book: Awilda (short story ) Author: Edward Medina Price: $.99 Available: Amazon Where authors promise something sexy and delicious then leave their readers wanting...Edward Medina delivers. Edward Medina, author of It is Said and Murder of Crows, has taken his storytelling to a new level. It is also a move away from the youth adult … Continue reading Awilda: A Review