Tired, But Still in the Game.

I am tired. Tired to the bone with all the words that are thrown against me like I'm the wall in a racquetball court and its my job to take it. My life my destiny to take society's beatings and be fine with it. The mental wear and tear of this life is too much at times and I … Continue reading Tired, But Still in the Game.


Take Two on Micah – Book Review

Review of Micah by Laurell K.Hamilton Available from Amazon.com Beyond Facebook Games I have another serious addiction - Laurell K. Hamilton books.  Each time a new book comes out I reread the entire series.  Last week, I finished Micah, previously my least favorite of the series. It has now successful moved up... The first time … Continue reading Take Two on Micah – Book Review

Straight Shot: A Review

Review of Straight Shot By K.W. Jeter Available thru Amazon via my A-Store As a recovering Catholic, this book struck a cord on the very first page.  A young women, Marcia, also a recovering Catholic, has been tasked by her estranged father with assisting his passage to the next life on November 2nd, All Soul's … Continue reading Straight Shot: A Review

Once Upon A Time: Reborn (A Review)

Review of Murder of Crows by Edward Medina Available for the Kindle at Amazon.com Once upon a time has been reborn and re-engineered to perfection with the latest offering of Edward Medina. Murder of Crows is a classic waiting for the rest of the world to realize it.  There is a lyrical quality to Medina’s … Continue reading Once Upon A Time: Reborn (A Review)

The Lady is a Vamp….

Review of Lady Dorn by Sean Hayden Admittedly, I am a newbie to the Steampunk genre, but this novel blew me away. It isn't pretentious as some of the genre have been reported to be.  In fact, it contained all the things that make a novel compelling; excellent character development, vivid imagery and twisty-turny plot … Continue reading The Lady is a Vamp….

Taking a Bite Out of History

Review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith Sure, they know the old Honest Abe myth, however, this new incarnation of the Lincoln myth let's them see deeper into the real man. Knowing more about and getting to know the real man, one gains a better appreciation for his achievements, both personal and political; … Continue reading Taking a Bite Out of History