Straight Shot: A Review

Review of Straight Shot

By K.W. Jeter

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As a recovering Catholic, this book struck a cord on the very first page.  A young women, Marcia, also a recovering Catholic, has been tasked by her estranged father with assisting his passage to the next life on November 2nd, All Soul’s Day.

Her father, the ultimate grumpy old man, pushes his daughter to fulfill his wishes even going to extremes to get his way. Motives are mixed and messy just as they are in real life. Some of plot elements may seem a bit contrived, but there is nothing more surreal than the events that surround a person’s last days.

It doesn’t quite make my must read list, but it was enjoyable and keep me interested. I think it was the dialogue that threw me off.

Still, well done, Mr. Jeter… Well done.


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