Baby Lu

One Week Until My Solar Anniversary

In one week, I will officially turn thirty-six.

What do I want for my birthday?

Well, books are always nice, but really what I want is to be surrounded by those I love.  And as it so happens I will be.  Next Tuesday, I will be sitting in an outpatient facility with my Denny (aka Papa) waiting for the nurse to tell me that it is time to take Mama home. She is scheduled to have a stint replaced. It has to be replaced every three to four months. It is a small price to pay for her being cancer free.

There is some symmetry in spending the day in the hospital with her and waiting to take her home just like she did three decades ago.

So, maybe what I really want is for everything to go well, next Tuesday.

Still want to give me a gift..

That is sweet of you, but unnecessary.  Since you already have by reading my blog.  Corny, maybe, but still true…

Dear Cancer….

Dear Cancer,

I believe that this is the second time that we have had this discussion. It is clear to me that you didn’t listen and now you have teamed up with some friends, Bullying and Stereotyping.  A person’s friends say a lot about them.  Your friends are really not helping you.  Oh and you still suck.

Seriously, it is bad enough that you feel the need to hurt people, but now you are bring in your friends to help you humiliate them.  Do you know how much bad karma you are earning?  You will never advance in the wheel of life to the cherished position of adored house cat if you keep this up. People already fear you there is no need to make it worse.

So tell you friends that they need to back off.   Not every cancer is deadly, though the all should be treated as soon as possible.  There is no reason to spread the rumor that a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence.  People with cancer are also not weak or being punished by God.  Last time I checked, which was by the way recently, Christianity was a faith about hope and love, not hate and destruction.

Nor should cancer patients be bullied by folks into sitting back and taking it easy if they feel like they can do something.  You take so much away why mess with their dignity.  If people are really concerned then they should just ask the patient if they can help or what they can help with.  At least let them try to if they fail don’t make them feel guilty. It is actually good to exercise while undergoing treatment as long as it is approved by the doctor and the patient is feeling well enough to do it.

You aren’t winning by the way.  This is the fifth time that you have attacked my Grandfather and he is still fighting.  You may succeed in taking his life, but never his dignity.  My co-workers who have also come under your hideous attack are still working and showing there students what strength is.

It is time to start picking better friends and leave people alone.


P.S. You don’t get to call me, Lu.