New Year… New Lessons

A chilly Florida day and Luke was ready to get out and go. Literally.  His morning walk was rushed due to an cold snap.  I was freezing while Luke was hunting for the perfect spot.  Once this was achieved we ran back to the house as my cat, Jack, jogged behind us.  It was kind … Continue reading New Year… New Lessons


All By Myself

Sitting alone in my house for the first time in months with no roommate expected back and I don't know what do with myself. My roomie is moving out by the first of the month.   It seems strange being alone in the house knowing that in a few short days my home will be … Continue reading All By Myself

Dusk and Summer – A Review

It has been a long time since a book has held me captive, curled and cuddled beneath my covers until its pages were through with my mind.  Dusk and Summer by Joesph A. Pinto kept me prisoner this afternoon while I hungrily devoured every last sentence down to the final period. The novella published by … Continue reading Dusk and Summer – A Review

Exams, Cars and Delays

This week my students take their mid-semester exams. It also marks the beginning the semi-annual whine festival; especially among the seniors.  Their continued enrollment and graduation is on the line.  Participation in the program is voluntary.  If students aren't benefiting from the program then they can go back to their home school.  If they aren't … Continue reading Exams, Cars and Delays

Ahh… the simple complex things

I am not sure where this post is going, but here I go stepping off the cliff in my own mind. Human beings are fools.. honestly, we are.  We dominate this gem of a planet and complain about everything under the sun. Even our life giving sun. For much of the western world, the Christmas … Continue reading Ahh… the simple complex things

Booger’s Tale cont.

My mistress was always aggravated by the two men’s presence but her annoyance never seemed to disturb them. I believe one of them had some sort of leverage over her.  They never ceased in their attempts to converse with her. The large harry man smelled like another of my canine brethren, a female if my … Continue reading Booger’s Tale cont.