And the Universe says …


This morning the blues had me in its gasp.  Truth be told, I still am.. My brain traveling down roads which only serve to me further in the blues.

Going for a walk or the gym was too much for my mind so I opted for clearing the cobwebs out – literally – I am cleaning my house.  Number one on the list is the laundry.  As strange as it may sound, I hang my bras on back of the door knob.   (Sorry, if that is TMI, but it germane to my story)

Booger, my eldest furry child, was begging to go out.  My feet shuffled to the side door to let Whiny McWhinerton out and he managed to step into one of the bra strap; couldn’t go out the door since both legs were trapped in the one strap.  His face was so pathetic and confused at the same moment.

Laughter sprung from my heart. Enough said…

Thank you, Universe….


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