Moonday, Moonday

I am too tired to really do my beloved forum justice this week, but I feel bad letting a Moonday go by without a post.

This past week, I have done a lot of resting and reflecting after an impromptu trip to Florida Hospital. I was the youngest person in the cardiac observation unit, a feat that my friends tell me is something not to be proud of. These of course are the same friends who refused to bust me out.

Not to worry I am fine and didn’t escape. I was released and have the papers to prove it.

The doctors, nurses and technicians took excellent care of me. Now it is my turn…the good news is that I am cleared to start riding my bike to work again.  Sure, I could drive, but it isn’t nearly as peaceful nor as good for me.

This weekend, I went back to work at job #2 and caught up on lesson plans.  Well, not quite caught up, but I did make a lovely dent. I also rested a great deal; naps aren’t just for babies. If you haven’t had one in a while, I suggest taking one or two. They really do help energize you or at least they do for me.

Thank you to my Mamma for driving me about.. it really did help.  And Zee Mamma for checking in on me last night.

Today, I took my time, did a little cleaning, napped, read in bed and then walked up to my favorite restaurant, Spooky’s,  for some supper.  The moon was full on my walk back and simply beautiful.

Mother Moon, thank you for reminding of my own beauty and the strength of making choices.

If I had been driving tonight, I might of miss you.

I might have also miss the wonderful conversation with an old friend and a new one.




When we achieve justice for one of us, we achieve it for all of us.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin didn’t just hurt his family and friends, it hurts all of us.

Many of the students who come in my classroom already have a problem with the color of my skin; complexity of ethnicity not visible to their eyes. All they see is labels that experience has taught them, not the people underneath.

Experience has taught them that “white” folks aren’t to be trusted, the police even less… You can argue against me all you want.  You can tell me about the racism that you have experience. We can trade stories back and forth, but it won’t change the fact that a young black man was shot in the back for just walking down the street and his killer hasn’t been arrested. It won’t change the fact that instead of showing how far we have come from the days of segregation when Justice was far from blind, we are now confronted it just how far short of the dream we have fallen.

Media personalities have blamed what the young man was wearing and I am sure that there are some that support the gunman’s right to protect himself.  But, if the man who shot the teen never goes to trial and the evidence heard in open court, how can we ever really be sure that justice has been done?

I don’t think that the law is too blame but the implementation of it.  If the gentleman’s action are justifiable under the law then let him stand trial and prove it in a court of law. The Orlando Sentinel recently reported more facts in the case, including Zimmerman’s statements to the police.  This place Trayvon in a negative light. The timing of the statement’s release as well as witness statements seems a little too late.

The case has awoken tensions that can’t be quieted by a news report.  Media personalities have stirred the pot and their words took on a life of their own.  Some blaming the victim, others blaming the law. If it was Zimmerman’s story is true then he has been done a disservice by the media and the police.

Blaming the victim for what they were wearing makes no sense.  Yes, hoodies can make a person look mysterious on a warm day, but a February night even in Florida is chilly.  Hell, I have worn my hoodie to walk down the street to get a snack.  Maybe I was spared because of the big Mickey Mouse symbol on the front or the translucent nature of my skin in winter.

Still, does it really matter? Does the color of our skin still matter so much these days that we will excuse the killing of an unarmed young man because of it?  My students after watching the coverage might be even more inclined to say yes. And I can’t blame them; there is even a part of me that agrees.  There is just too much evidence to dismiss it even if it goes against what I want to believe.

Justice won’t be served by debating or blaming the victim’s fashion choice. It needs to be decided by a jury, after all isn’t our justice system one of the things that makes us great and separates us our “enemies.”

Justice also needs to be served in the case of Shaima Alawadi who has succumb to the injuries she received from an intruder who invaded her home.  He left a note; directing her terrorist family to go home.  The family has been in the country for over twenty years; long before 9-11 and before the majority of my students were born. Her children were raised in America, not Iraq, as if that matters in the end. Both her and her husband worked for the U.S. Army has cultural advisers to help out troops in the Middle East.   She was one of us and like Trayvon; she deserves justice.

Justice for them is justice for us all; and America that includes Mr. Zimmerman as well.

Adventure Update

I have been in my new home a little over a month.  The storage unit that has haunted me isn’t half-way empty as I had planned. I wanted to have the unit cleared out and most if not all of the stuff stashed away in the spare bedroom.

Plans, I  have reminded myself are meant to be amended. The current one is to clean out the old unit and move to a smaller less expensive one. The opportunity to save money each month is awesome, plus it means finding more and more of my treasures like the first chapter of a friends novel – given to me prior to it’s release, fragments of poems long forgotten and pictures of my first Florida friends.

It will be twelve years ago this May 13th that I moved to Florida.  It is hard to think that much time as past, but something things haven’t changed.  I still have things to let go of; things I am not sure, I am ready to let go, but haven’t used or displayed in years. Chalk it up to the fear of losing one more thing after a life time of loss. Then realizing that what I have gained over the years is so much greater.

Sometimes looking around this new home, I am reminded of how much of the past I have carried with me.  Memories held by objects of where my family has come from and where they hoped to go.  Memories of old lovers and all the promises whispered in passion.  There are new memories waiting to be created as well.  Little by little my life is stitching itself together, once again.

Monday night, I cooked dinner for myself for the week.  Chicken with pesto, zucchini and mushrooms… A yummy way to work on my financial goals.

My other goals are in various states of progress.

I have been walking twice a week and doing all the exercises that my physical therapist recommended. I feel better which was the motivation for restarting this goal.  There is no magic number or dress size that is going to stop this from being a live long habit. When I do slack up, I end up hurting again. The choice makes itself clear.  Pain bad – Exercise good.

Honest… It is amazing how just adding a few things to my routine has helped. Key so far to my success has been no punishing myself for not doing what I want or need to do.  Just enjoying & rewarding myself for doing what I have done.  Not by having cake or sweets, just a good old fashion pat on the back. (Ok and it doesn’t hurt that my jeans are comfy as well as sexy once again.)

It isn’t easy and I am sure that there are going to be days ahead where I fall on my face  big time. Still, my heart remains optimistic    and really does believe  that as long as I don’t stop working towards the future then I haven’t failed.