Moonday, Moonday

I am too tired to really do my beloved forum justice this week, but I feel bad letting a Moonday go by without a post.

This past week, I have done a lot of resting and reflecting after an impromptu trip to Florida Hospital. I was the youngest person in the cardiac observation unit, a feat that my friends tell me is something not to be proud of. These of course are the same friends who refused to bust me out.

Not to worry I am fine and didn’t escape. I was released and have the papers to prove it.

The doctors, nurses and technicians took excellent care of me. Now it is my turn…the good news is that I am cleared to start riding my bike to work again.  Sure, I could drive, but it isn’t nearly as peaceful nor as good for me.

This weekend, I went back to work at job #2 and caught up on lesson plans.  Well, not quite caught up, but I did make a lovely dent. I also rested a great deal; naps aren’t just for babies. If you haven’t had one in a while, I suggest taking one or two. They really do help energize you or at least they do for me.

Thank you to my Mamma for driving me about.. it really did help.  And Zee Mamma for checking in on me last night.

Today, I took my time, did a little cleaning, napped, read in bed and then walked up to my favorite restaurant, Spooky’s,  for some supper.  The moon was full on my walk back and simply beautiful.

Mother Moon, thank you for reminding of my own beauty and the strength of making choices.

If I had been driving tonight, I might of miss you.

I might have also miss the wonderful conversation with an old friend and a new one.




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