Prompt Post: Gluten Free? Yes, I am….

Prompt: Gluten Free the early days... To be honest, I don't remember much from those days. I remember being in my first solo apartment, one that I was responsible for all by myself. It was my third or fourth year of teaching. Money was tight as it has been my entire life but Friday's were … Continue reading Prompt Post: Gluten Free? Yes, I am….


Pizza (April Page 12)

Dear Gluten-Free Pizza, Please don't tease me any more. Please don't make promises that you are going to taste great or that I won't be able to tell the difference. Seriously... I will know even though we both know that I can no longer have real pizza and don't quite remember the taste of it. … Continue reading Pizza (April Page 12)

Ahh… the simple complex things

I am not sure where this post is going, but here I go stepping off the cliff in my own mind. Human beings are fools.. honestly, we are.  We dominate this gem of a planet and complain about everything under the sun. Even our life giving sun. For much of the western world, the Christmas … Continue reading Ahh… the simple complex things