Lessons the Hard Way…

Four in the morning and I can’t sleep.

A plan to pay rent is in the works and tomorrow or today I will begin implementing it.  I have changed all of my passwords,  backed up the laptop files so I can clean it and cancelled all of my scheduled payments. The last step really wasn’t necessary since I am going to be closing the account down, but it made me feel better.  The Netflix and Hulu subscriptions have been put on hold as well.

I, sincerely, appreciate everyone who has expressed their concern, but I want to be clear.  I didn’t do everything I could have done to prevent this.  My own neglect lead me to where I am right now.  I messed up and someone or someones took advantage of it.

Which is the main reason that I am sharing this very personal and embarrassing situation. Maybe it is the teacher in me that is determined to let others know so they can avoid stepping into the same trap.  Wireless connections are not as secure as many think and spyware doesn’t always just report what websites you visit to an on-line marketing company.  It can do other things.

And the reality it is, I may never figure out how they did it. All I can do at this point is fix the damage and take steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Oh and thank the heavens, again and again that I have family and friends willing to help me find solutions and to think clearly for me when I break down.

A hard lesson is being taught to me and a suspect there will be many more restless nights.

There is no doubt in mind though that I will be better off after all of this than I was before it.

No TV….

There isn’t one in the house; no space has been preserved for a future one.  The reason is purely economic.  There are other more important things for me to spend my money on at the moment.  Paying down my debts, saving the money for a washer and dryer so I don’t have to truck my laundry across town, oh and getting some carpets for the new place.

I do watch TV on the internet which suits my schedule and doesn’t eat up all of my time. Occasionally, I become mesmerized by other people’s TV’s. Still it hasn’t enticed me to spend the money.

Would I like to have one? Yes, but it isn’t important enough to put my goals at risk.

Makes sense right? Then why do people look like I am nuts when the fact is revealed. The questions flow and then come to an abrupt stop when they realize that a) I am not bother by it or b) I still watch television shows just not like they do.

Eventually, they accept it even if they think it is strange.  I am just being me and living without a tellie is my choice.  Not a judgement of their behavior; keeping up with the Jones as no appeal for me. Maintaining the roof over my head does.